OldShark? 3 in 1 Cellphone Lens Clip On Camera Lens Kits with 180¡ãFish Eye Lens 0.35X Super Wide Angle Lens 15X Macro Lens for iPhone Android Smartphones

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3 In 1 HD camera lens, meet all of your demand: The Fisheye lens offers you a wide hemispherical image. The Macro lens is used for taking extreme close-up pictures of very small objects. The Wide-angle lens projects a substantially larger image circle than would be typical for a standard design lens of the same focal length. Enjoy a fantastic world!
High clarity & professional: made of high-class glass, professional HD lens reduces glass flare & ghosting caused by reflections
Portable & universal: portable and detachable universal lens clip design, which can be used with a wide range of cell phones


Professional Lens Kit
Wish to make your phones or drugs develop into a Skilled DSLR? The 3 in 1 telephone lens kit is really a useful gizmo for you. It comes with the 180 level Fisheye lens, 0.35X Wide Attitude Lens and 15X Macro Lens which might be constructed with Prime-readability 4 component 3 staff glass mobile phone lenses, like the professional lenses, supplying you with transparent photographs each time.

Supreme Fisheye Lens:
Options: 180 level of the scene can also be captured by means of Fisheye lens, which takes you into a shocking unbelievable international.
Attitude: 175 – 180 degree
Dimensions (major frame): 25mm (diameter) x 15mm (period)
Weight: 11g

Wide-Attitude Lens:
Options: Wide-Attitude lens can shoot better vary of scenery.
Magnification: 0.35X
Dimensions(major frame): 29mm (diameter) x 19mm (period)
Weight: 17g

Macro Lens:
Options: Macro lens can take transparent footage of small objects.
Magnification: 15X
Min Object distance: 10-15mm
Dimensions(major frame): 17.5mm (diameter) x 5mm (period) Weight: 3g
Please Note:
1.The Macro lens and the Wide-Attitude lens are hooked up in combination. While you use the Macro lens, please detach the Wide-Attitude lens from the Macro lens.
2.The optimal distance of taking photos with the Macro lens is 0.four-1 inch. In case your camera can not center of attention with the macro lens on, then move the entire thing nearer in your object.
3.The Flash Gentle could be blocked while the lens is in use.

3 In 1 HD camera lens, meet your entire demand: The Fisheye lens will give you a large hemispherical symbol. The Macro lens is used for taking excessive shut-up photos of very small objects. The Wide-Attitude lens projects a significantly better symbol circle than could be conventional for the standard design lens of the similar focal period. Experience an implausible international!
Prime readability & Skilled: product of Prime-elegance glass, Skilled HD lens reduces glass flare & ghosting due to reflections
Moveable & universal: Moveable and detachable universal lens clip design, which can be utilized with quite a lot of mobile phone phones
0.35X super wide Attitude lens: new liberate, the smaller of the parameter, the broader of the lens
[OldShark Lifetime Guarantee] This product is offered solely by means of OldShark and registered Trademark by means of OldShark. Simplest buy from OldShark to get authentic OldShark merchandise with manufacturer guaranty. Be careful the faux product by means of different 3rd vendor!

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